Cap Cana Shootout 2012 Picture Gallery

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Press Conference in Santo Domingo

Club Nautico Contingent at Press Conference

Brugal Rum Limo Hummer Arrives with the Press

Refreshments for All Boats from CocaCola

Another Boat Registers


Cap Cana Marina Filling Up

Observer's Briefing

Observers Vital Part of the Shootout

Sponsors Show Off their Stuff at the Marina

Impresive Sponsor Presence


At the Kickoff

Beyaca Anglers

Brugal Staff

Paella at the kickoff

My Grandaughter is cuter than yours

Ready for action! Team Predator

Pick a card -- Any card ...

Team Gulf Rascal

Make it a double- Please

Up his sleeve ---

The Committee

The stage is set - Day 1

All is ready !

Enticing Offerings are Carefully Prepared

High Expectations on Day 1

Gulf Rascal Heading Out

Hooked up !

Action Aboard Dona Lucy

Flying High!

Tournament control !


Coming home

In the lead after day 1

You are invited to the Chivas Regal Cocktail party.

Yadira in action !

True love!

Ricky's Angels

Hublot timepieces --- Our sponsor!

Chivas 12 Scotch

Greg enjoys Chevas with anglers.

Chivas Regal night!

Day 2 Dawns at the Cap Cana Marina

Getting ready after a morning shower


Boats make their way out!

Amazing hang time.

Shark Byte in battle!



Certified Observers return after a day of fishing.

Guests gather at the Brugal Rum bash.

Drummers drumming at the beach party!

Dance show at Rum Bash

Friends from Puerto Rico.

Dancers 2. Lynn and Carol.

Everybody dancing

The Brugal Rum Orchestra.

Dancing Cubans

Late Night Angus Burgers at the Rum Bash

Conga line.

Time for the beach on the lay day.

Coockoff judges.

Cookoff entry.

The energy favorite.

More cookoff!

Happy Birthday Jimmy!

Competing Chefs are Interviewed One at a Time

Judges... Judging!

Nothing Like Some Presidente to Cleanse the Palate

Enjoying the cookoff

At the docks on the final morning.

The new Alina.

Shark Byte.

On the way to the fishing grounds.

Gotta run away.

A bite between bites on Shark Byte.

Balistic Blue.

Hoisting the flags.

Shark Byte victorious.

Awards Banquet Preparations.

Awards awaiting.

Hans Mangual Team Peje Cookoff Winner-2nd Year in a Row

Team Beyaca

Tournament's last Blue award!

Top observer Tracey Preston.

Top Lady Anglers - Sofia Alonso.

Top individual anglers Brugal Rum Division

Our sponsor from Villas Marina.

Team Canada took 2nd place in the Brugal Division

Top team Peje Brugal Rum Division.

Top Angler - Efrain Rodriguez - Dona Lucy

Bluebird team at banquet

2nd place Team Dona Lucy Chivas Regal Division.

Top Team Chivas Regal Division Shark Byte

Release Marine Top Boat Award - Shark Byte