Cap Cana Shootout 2011 Picture Gallery


Shootout 2011

The Girls Get Things Ready

You like?

It's in that Box !

Capt Peg Leg Tess Lends Us a Hand

Something for the Observer Bags


Chris did you Take my Pen Again

I Know that Boat is Here Somewhere . . .

Good thing the Bags Have Wheels.

Observers review rules.

Leader Length Reviewed at Observer Meeting

We having fun yet!


I just Love to Pop a Can

These Guys Aren't Paying Attention - Who Am I Kidding!

Kick Off Underway.

Brugal and Presidente - what a Combo.

Gotta be Rigging Bait While the Party Begins.

A Lovely Couple

Observers on their Way to their Appointed Boats.

Baits Are Ready.

Drags Are Set.

Spirits Are High.

The Search Begins.

Whitey at the Boat.

Looks Like Davis is Having Fun .


Waiting for a Bite.

Gulf Rascal Looking for a Bite.



Coming Home After an Action Packed Day.

Black Gold Returns.

Happy Hour at Hospitality Tent.

Marlin Chaser.

Time for Refreshments After Fishing.

Team Barbie at Happy Hour.

Dock Talk.

Meeting at Gulf Rascal.

Let me Pour you a Rum and Coke.

Marlin Chaser Gang at Happy Hour

Activity at the Docks

Blanca and Lissette Shirt Sales

Another Day Dawns in Paradise

Heading Out for Another Day of Fishing

Getting to the Fishing Grounds

John Tierney, Esq.

White Marlin

The Good Luck Committee Wishing All Boats Success

They were Right Here Yesterday

Coming straight at you!

Preparing Lunch While Fishing

Charging Blue

Released White

Caroline Returns After a Good Day

Release Flags Flying Aboard Prime Time

Chilling After a Day of Fishing

Dinamic Duo in Uniform

There's that Couple Again

Happy Hour Day 2

What a crew!

Peaceful - Serene Juanillo Beach

What a Crew

Your're Invited . . .

Rafael has the Sound Going

Hors d Ouevres Anyone?

Such a Well Behaved Bunch

Euphoria Begins

Dancing Entertainers at the Rum Bash.


Our Valued Guests

Get Down Charlie

Ladies Partying

These Venezuelans are Everywhere

Rum Bash Fun

Colombia v Miami - Oh Wow!

Too Much Rum Bash

So this is What to do on the Lay Day

Our Hosts at the Fisherman's Lodge Luncheon

Paella Anyone?

Fisherman's Village

Delicious Offerings at Fisherman's Lodge

The Cook Off

Smoked Salmon and Dorado Cook Off Entry

Peje's Squid Rizzoto Stuffed Snapper

The Panel of Judges Tries Marlin Chaser's Chilly

Cook Off Panel of Judges Tries Peje's Winning Recipe 'Snapper Stuffed with Swuid Rizzotto'

3rd and Final Days Begins

Gulf Rascal Looking for a Bite

Elusive White

Thank Goodness for those Sponsor Hats ... and Hooks!

Evasive Blue

Blue Bird.

Home Sweet Home

50-50 Flying their Flags

Barbie Returns to Port

Tomahawk is Home

The Shootout Girls All Decked Out for the Banquet

Our Observers

Our Favorite Charity Reel Liefe Adventures' Michael O'Neal

Special Award to Ronnie Fields Shootout 3 Time Winning Captain

At the Awards Banquet

Cook Off Winners Sporting their Aprons.

Guests Gather for the Feast.

Music and Visuals by Culecos

First Blue by Cuchi Ricart SF Caramba.

Top Angler Davis Clapp

3rd Place Team A-Fin-Ity aboard Prime Time

2nd Place Team Bluebird

The Winners.

Thanks for the Pics to Photographer Richard Gibson.