Cap Cana Shootout 2010 Picture Gallery


Cap Cana Marina

Angler bag preparation

Wives relax at Sanctuary pool

Observer Rules Meeting II

Gracious an efficient marina staff

Captain's meeting

The Magic Touch gang

The Venezuelan connection

Team Aruba is ready

Puerto Rico's Four C sons

Yohanna at Kick-Off

At the Kick-Off

Fish tales abound

Michelle conducts observer boat draw at breakfast

Observers on the bus

So it begins...

Ballyhoo A la carte!

Aboard Caramba

Setting up

Bait watching

Wired !

Boats returning

Marina at night

C'mon you want to arm wrestle !

Observers receive instructions

Start of a new day

Captain Bubba Carter

All eyes ready aboard Magic Touch

Hooked up aboard Caramba

Classic White Marlin action


Back Home after a good day of fishing Marlin

Flags are flying after a day of fishing Billfish

Brugal and Presidente refreshments after fishing Marlin

When did Michelle find time for this ?

Villas Marina Cocktail party

Luis Carlos Serra Carmona - Evelio Mederos - Ricardo Hazoury - Sra. Mederos

Elke Appermont - Alessandra Balzarini - Susana Sola - Lina Wickmann

Javier Herrera - Alejandro Aceval - Alvaro Gonzalez

Cocktail party at Villas Marina

Lay Day to lay around the beach and pool

Beach softball

Team Aruba members

At the Home Run Derby

It's lonely at the top !

A Swing and a Miss

Beach party

Lots of goodies


Another day begins

Observers are treated to another great breakfast at the Sanctuary

Last day of fishing billfish

Bonding aboard Pier Pressure

Off to the races !

You didn't have to back down so hard

Marlin aerial display

Releasing a White Marlin

Nothing like a withey

Look they got me we too

Released Blue Marlin

I want to get home first

Coming home after a day of Marlin Fishing

Everybody home safe and sound

Sponsors show off their stuff

Cap Cana Marina manager Andy New says some important words

Rick is presented THE PARROT Award !

3rd place team PEJE from Puerto Rico

First Blue Marlin angler Mike McCarthy aboard BLACK GOLD

Our lady IGFA observers

Top Captain Ronnie Fields

Jimmy pitches the Spanish Main

Spanish Main first leg Winner get Gold Coins

Enjoying the awards banquet

Reel Life Adventures Charity Foundation presents appreciation plaque to Cap Cana

Special Scotia Bank raffle Winner

Yeara at the T-Shirt stand all decked out

3rd place Top Angler Enrique Ricart

2nd place Top Angler Jimmy Fields team Vintage

Thee guys won all the raffles

Top Angler Carlos Garcia team PEJE

2nd place team BLACK GOLD

Winning team BIG OH does it again !