Venezuelan International Super Slam 2008

Pepsi and Solera Beer Crews

At Registration

It's a Family Affair

Anglers and staff

Team Sea Fighter

Observers Review Rules

Enjoying the spirits

It's Good to be Tournament Director!

Local Certified Observers

Visiting Certified Observers

Team Catch 22

Team Wynns

Viking's Capt Ryan and the twins

Morning at Portofino docks

Heading out


Magic Touch Finds Action

Defensive Maneuvers

Guarimba Hooked Up

Magnificent Sail

Peje Coming Home

Caraballeda by night

Someday Lady Departs Playa Grande.

Team Doble Linea

Caraballeda Inlet

Hatterascal heads out

Setting Up Aboard Viking 60'

Action Aboard Catch 22

Elusive Fish

Prowess Prowls

Bait Ball

Capt Bubba Carter

Classic White Marlin Action

Marafuera III looking for action

Action aboard Magic Touch

Leaping Sail

Rude Awakening


Blue Marlin at its Finest



Near The End

And Finally Released. Aboard Doble Linea

San Cocho Venezuelan Style aboard Catch 22

Caraballeda Beaches and Condos

Anglers enjoy the Dinner-Auction

Cancer Foundation Patients at Dinner-Auction

Diplomatico Rum Offerings

The Cuban Twins

Team Magic Touch

Team Nuestro

At the Dinner Auction to benefit the kids

Pelican Rock

Local Sights

The Coastline

Going Fishing

Iliza heads out

Speedy Magic Touch

The Viking Gang

Whale crosses the spread

Whitey in Elusive Mode

Big Oh Hooked Up

Gathering Speed

Utopia looking for a bite


Someday Lady

Look Out Here He Comes!

Guarimba Battling

Angry Fish

Flying Whitey

Got to Get Away From Here

Irate Blue

Just a Little Closer Please

Uno Mad about to release

Nothing Like Whitey

One Last Jump at the Boat

Raw Power



Sure You Want Some of This

Surfing White

Sailfish Heading for Outer Space

Watch Out

White Marlin Attempts to Escape

Whitey Hang Time

Whitey Near the Boat

Coastal Mountains Foothills of the Andes

The Winners 'Team Big Oh'

The Super Slam girls

Part of the Fields Clan

Lucky Raffle Winner

The Captains

Fun at the Banquet

Cancer Children at the Awareds Banquet

BsF 7,500 Check Presented to Friends of Children with Cancer Foundation

Top Lady Angler Glenda Vivas

Top Crew of Big Oh gets a case of Diplomatico Reserva Rum

3rd Place Hight Point Angler Rafael Rojas

Awsome Trophies

2nd Place High Point Angler Kevin Fields

chow line

Top Tournament Angler Maurico Escobar - Guarimba

3rd Place Team Iliza

2nd Place Team Someday Lady Receives their Loot

Top Team Big Oh Receives Trophies & Prizes