Venezuelan International Super Slam 2006

At the registration desk

Registration hall

Observers and Anglers

The Slam Gang

The Trophies !

Enjoying the buffet

Beautiful couple

I'll take that, that _ that _ that ...

T-Shirts all sizes !

Ever present Solera girls !



Sound Machine

We're ready !

Baits are ready !

Boats head out


We'll get there first !

Backing down !

Who's got who ?

Got him on !

Jumping White

Back at the dock

More Observers

Eduards excellent barbecue !

At the barbecue

Defending champs

Fish, fish, fish

Team Aruba

And the other twins !

Are we going to eat ?

Viva Venezuela !

The "not for rent" gang

Solera Premium proud Spnsors

The sales staff

Mariachis too !

The party moves on to Santiago.

Mango Marina

Heading out

Got a bite on Vintage

What is that on the water !

I'm drowning !

Search the bank

This goes here ...

Was that a bite on Guarimba ?

Watching baits

You're mine !

Drop back

Hoocked up !

Try to get away !

Whitey ...



Cold Solera after fishing

Winners celebrate

Cocktail anyone?

Checking the numbers ...

Awards banquet !

Grupo Espuma

And the twins...

Food line

Tournament artist Terry Fox

Where's the beef !

Another Solera beer

First _ last Blues ...

Top observers get TopSiders

$500 for most tags

Top Captain gets prizes and a K-I-S-S

2nd place Individual Angler

And the winner is ...

Viking presents Top Angler award

3rd Place Team Viking

2nd place Team Bandolera

Winning team SNIPER !