Solera Open 2006 Picture Gallery

Captain's Meeting

Get in line to register, please

Sponsors flying fisherman

Damned paperwork

Team can't believe it at registration

IGFA Observers and anglers

Team Lady Lou

Team Tintorera

Ready to go

Split Tail Mullet SOLGS 06

Offerings SOLGS 06

Caraballeda SOLGS 06

La Corteza

Looking for action SOLGS 06

Come on Take it SOLGS 06

Lady LOU hooked up SOLGS 06

Blue trying to escape

Water over the transom SOLGS 06

Aguja Azul SOLGS 06

Elusive Sailfish

Angry Blue

At the parrilla dinner / Auction

Look what I won

Our curtious but exhausted staff

The Yacht club SOLGS 06

Action continues SOLGS 06

The search continues

Are you there

Backing down hard

Got to get away

This is a great party

Line dance around the pool

3 amigos

C'mon, you can do it !

Our gracious host and friends

Best pirate costume winner

The band

Buried treasure finder

Observers enjoy themselves

The game

Thirsty anyone ?

He slides into home !

The excited fans

The players

Trade secrets revealed

Blue Marlin left rigger


Tagging a Blue

Magic touch searches the bank

It was there a second ago...


Tagged out

Water balloon launcher

Jubilation aboard Release

Champagne flows aboard

Teams gather for the festivities

The Pepsi Girls

The Award banquet


Team Orinoquia

The ever present Solera Girls

First Blue of the tournament Prize

Top Lady Angler

3rd Place Top Angler

2nd Place Top Angler

Mustad's Silver Hook to the Top Angler

Team Peje

Top Angler Luis Milan Jr.

3rd Place: Team Mojito

2nd place: Team Adelina

Top Team

Winning Team

Winning Team Release

The tournament committee