Welcome to Solera Open Shootout 2005

Observer Class 4

Part of the Graduating Class

Captains and crew meeting

At the dock


Solera Girls

Another Solera Please

Chafin Gang

Proud Sponsors

Visiting Anglers

What a trio

Santa Teresa Reps

More pals

Dawn in La Guaira

Flying their colors

Caraballeda Early Morning

Observers await shuttle


Big Y

Four C Sons

I'm your observer and you will have to feed me

Alina Heading out

Heading out

Preparation Solera Open

Adelina Lines Out

Please take the bait

Fish Charging a Bait


At the dinner auction


Silent Auction Items to finance observer's class

Nice Prize

Our sheerful Sales staff

Good Grub

Let's go

False Alarm

I'm Hooked Up

Blanco Dos

Joropo in action

Rum Santa Teresa's Bar

Best Costumes

Young Pirate

Pirates will be Pirates

Great Costume

Dancers arrive

Pals 3

Black Rag Doll

What a crowd

Singers and dancers

Flags and Dancers

At the old ball game

The fans could hardly contain their excitement!

Future Hall of Famers

I actually got on base

Dummers Drummin

He rips a line drive to left

Exhausted Players

Last day cast off

Post haste searches the bank

Irrisistible offerings aboard Rivazon

Soon they will come

Fish wired aboard Dream Catcher

Stubborn Sailfish

Sharky's tries closer to shore


Charging Blue


Nuestro searches for fish

War dance aboard Nuestro

Pez VelaBoatside

Action on Sharky's revenge

Viraje Searching

Coming Home

The Awards Banquet

Musical Entertainment

Local Gang

Keeping an eye on observers


The Buffett

Tired...But it was fun!

Top Lady Angler

Third Place Individual Angler

2nd Place Individual Angler

Top Angler

Third Place Team Polar Enterprises

2nd Place Four 'C' Sons

Big Winners Solera Open '05