Playa Grande Super Slam 2010 Picture Gallery


Team Registration

The boys in the crew

Observers Are Briefed

The Cuban Connection at Registration

Efficient staff eased registration process

Kick-Off Cocktail Party

Angler visit Sponsor Booths at kick-off party

Teams Claim their T-Shirts

The Solera Beer Stand

Plenty of Solera Beer for all to enjoy

Manolo She Said it's only $20 a shirt

All is ready at Mango Marina docks

Caraballeda in the morning

The search begings aboard Nubarron

Hooked up

Somebody looks very upset

Fun on the Bank

Hang Time whtie marlin

Blue at boatside

Pelagica combs the Bank

Sailfish Released

Team Marak aboard Bohemia

Action aboard Vintage

Sailfish goes Airborne

Day 1 comes to an end

Coming Home

Team Paraguanera

Moon over La Guaira view from Playa Grande Caribe Hotel

Playa Grande Docks

Flat seas slowed fishing on day 2

Fun aboard Paraguanera

Hoping for a bite

wired white

Flying Sailfish

About to be released

Vintage clinches with last catch

Wired Blue on Vintage

Triple J at the end of day 1

And so it ends

Enjoying the Festivities


Did somebody say crown him

Our Sponsors

Our Observers

Friends For Life

And the Winner is

Diplomatico Rum nice raffle prize

Fun at the Awards Banquet

Salsa the Cuban way ... is there any other

The cocktail hour

Salabay came close - but no cigar

Future Female Angler Hall of Famer

3rd Place Angler they make a nice couple too

2nd Place High Point Angler

Top Angler Joey Trefeiner

3rd Place Team Pelagica

2nd Place Team

The Wiinners Team Vintage

The Slam 2010 crew