La Guaira Shootout 2007 Picture Gallery

Welcome to "The La Guaira Shootout 07" !

Team Registration

The Sales Staff

The Spanish Main Series

Dynamic Duo

Teams at registration

It's good to be Tournament Director !

Lovely couple

The Observer Meeting

The feast is ready !

Observers board the bus - Day 1

La Guaira beaches

Plenty of bait

Aboard Bandolera

Davis focused

Hooked up !

Jumper !

Backing down hard

Fish swims away after release

Back at the Basin

Camaraderie at the bar

Photo opt with Pepsi & Solera Girls

Team "Catch 22"

Raffle winner

Venezuelan Observers

Sponsors display their products

Mango Marina at dawn

South Paw heads out

Catch 22 ready for action

Goyo gets things ready


Looking for a bite

Prime time hoocked up

Jumping Sail

In the heat of battle !

Blue about to be released

Alina begins their move

Flags are flying


At the docks

Fun at the Rum Bash

The band Pirates party

'Reel" Pirates these two !

Rum Bash Dancers

Best Pirate costume

Wally gets a kiss

WOW ! How does she do that !


Finder of the Pirate's Buried Treasure

Fun ride home after the Rum Bash

At the old ball game

Softball to the beat of the drums

Popeye at the plate

Spectators go wild !

Told you not to slide head first !

Friendly Players

Plenty of bait

Defending Champions Release

At Playa Grande docks


Playa Grande marina

Release heads out !

Waterman searches the Bank

Blue Marlin goes airborne

Rick at Tournament Control

Elusive Sail

Tension mounts aboard Alina

Airborne !

... another Blue released


Lines out... Jubilation aboard Alina

The crowd gathers at the awards banquet

Grupo Espuma entertainment

At the winner's table

Happy raffle winner

... and the winning number is ...

Chow line

Good food, good tournament

Not ready for prime time

Los 3 chiflados - The 3 stooges

Jimmy & Jeff present Spanish Main awards

Spanish Main Prize

Last Blue Award

Top Lady Angler

3rd place Crew

2nd place Crew

Top Captain

3rd place High Point

2nd place High Point

Top Angler

3rd place team Sniper

2nd Place Team Vintage

Winning Team Alina