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001-2015 CDC ART

002-Angler Bags & Boat Buckets Ready

003-Registration Begins

004-Team Blue Heaven Ready

005-Observer Briefing

006-Contango Is In

007-Festivities Begin at Kickc-Off

008-Team Thunder

009-The Blue Marlin Classic Girls at Work

010-Raffle Tickets on Sale

011-Colorful Entertainment

012-Appreciation Plaque to Marina Casa de Campo

013-Guest Enjoying the Party

014-Observers Get Into the Act

015-By Dawn's Early Light

016-Delicious Serrano Ham Gifts from Soponsors Gastropolis

017-Observers on their Way to Assigned Boats

018-And They're Off

019-The Search Begins

020-Optimism is High

021-Blue Heaven Strikes First

022-While the Boys Play the Girls go on Tour

023-Faster than a Speeding Bullet

024-Observers on the Job


026-Happy Hour At the Docks

027-Personalized Cigars

028-Day 2 Begins

029-Morning Gifts Again - this Time Dewar's 12 Scotch

030-Heading Out


032-Observer Validating Official Release

033-Hard Work

034-Blue Marlin Goes Airborne

035-C'mon Take it!

036-Chilling after a long Day

037-Happy Hour Before the Big Party

038-Grastropolis' 5J's Spanish Ham

039-Having a Good Time

040-The Party at Aoltos de Chavon Punctuated by a Marriage Proposal

041-Self Explanatory

042-Team Tomahawk & Friends

043-Ricky's Harem

044-Dancing All Night Long

045-Maximum Enjoyment

046-The Sporting Clays Competition

047-They Look Ready

048-He Looks Like He Knows What He's Doing

049-I Got It!

050-I'll Teach These Young Ones A Thing or Two

051-Time for a Drink ... or Two

052-Fans Gather for the Grueling Spoort of Donkey Polo Match

053-Any Similarity Between Master & Hound is Sheer Coincidence

054-Action Intensifies

055-Tess Knocks Gaby Off His Mount

056-Spectators Can't Believe Their Eyes

057-The Thrill of Victory

058-The Agony of Defeat

059-Morning on the Final Day

060-Clearing the Lighthouse

061-Action Begins

062-Action Aboard Black Gold

063-Irate Blue

064-Coming Home

065-Winners Celebrate

066-Sponsors Ready

067-Ladies at the Awards Banquet

068-Sporting Clays Winner

069-Tournament Artist Steve Goione

070-Top Lady Angler

071-Looks Like the Winning Number

072-2nd Place High Point Angler

073-Bermudez Rum

074-3rd Place Team Betsy

075-Looks Tasty

076-Guests Gather for the Feast

077-Diners Dine

078-2nd Place Team Contango

079-Our Observers

080-The Winners Team Shoe Hoist their Top Boat Trophy

081-Save The Dates